It's been awhile

i restarted right
lost 5 pounds
yesterday...(might as well shoot me)
i ate a mushroom swiss veggie burger, a side dish of mac and cheese, ice cream, and then this morning i had ice cream
what the fuck is wrong with me
i 'm so fucking stupid
i hate myself
iprolly gained back all the weight i lost plus more
fuck my life
i don't know what to do


noone on here but w.e. ill post neways
i started on the tea/water fast yetserday, its going absolutly fab!
so last week i lost 5 lb
the last time i weighed was monday
i lost another 5lb!
weighed again today
i drnk
thai and green tea today
so yeah
imma exercise som more

the first post!

tell other users on live journal to join, that is if they're pro-ana.

so i guess i'll start off by telling about my day....

i started off with special K with skim milk (190)
then I binged wen i got home and had a large salad, 8 pieces of chocolate, the center of a piece of pie, and sierra mist.
Luckily I purged it but then my mother shoved a cookie down my throat.
so im gonna exercise like hell wen i get off and hopefully i didn't gain any weight.
last week i lost 5 pounds so yay me^^